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Any purchase of a Product on the Site implies express and unreserved acceptance by the Customer of the GTCS and the Personal data protection policy which the Customer acknowledges having read, by checking the box provided for this purpose when creating his account and confirming his order.

The GTC replace entirely the previous versions of the general conditions of sale, which, consequently, no longer apply.

1. Order

The Products for sale on the Site are reserved for people with full legal capacity to place orders on the Site. 

1.1 Creation of a customer account

Before any order, the Customer must create an account on the Site. The "  Registration / Connection " section is accessible directly on the main page.

The information required to create the account are: a valid e-mail address and password, surname, first name, company name, telephone number, a billing address and a VAT number.

During each new visit, if he wishes to place an order or consult his “ Registration / Connection  ” area, the Customer must identify himself beforehand using his strictly personal and confidential information chosen by him.

The Customer is required to preserve the confidentiality of his identifiers. In the event of loss, forgetting or misuse of his identifiers by a third party, the Customer must immediately inform Dg Spare parts by contacting customer service.

DG Spare Parts informs the Customer that the creation of his personal account on one of the websites is a single account. Your username and password remain unchanged for any connection to the Dg Spare parts website. If the Customer requests the deletion of his personal data linked to his client account, then the deletion will be automatically carried out on all Dg spare parts websites.

1.2 Purchase

To make a purchase, the Customer must place his order directly on the Site.

The Customer selects the Product (s) corresponding to his search and adds it (s) to his basket. 

Dg spare parts takes all the necessary steps to ensure the reliability of this information on its Site. Despite daily monitoring and updating, DG spare parts cannot be held liable for any technical inaccuracies, typographical errors or omissions that the content of the Site may contain, nor for the results that may be obtained by the use of these informations.

The Customer acknowledges that the photographs, information and visuals of the products presented on the Site are in no way contractual. Under no circumstances will DG spare parts be held responsible for any fact related to the image of the Product concerned.

The Customer is required to provide all the information necessary for the proper execution of the delivery of the Product: name, first name, delivery address and billing address if different, telephone number.

If the Customer already has an account on the Site and wishes to confirm his order, he will be automatically redirected to an identification page and will be required to identify himself from the "tab registration / Connection ". If it is a new Customer, he must follow the steps for creating an account from the "" tab. registration / Connection ".

At this stage, the order is the subject of a summary indicating the following elements: Product (s), quantity (s), unit price, possible reductions, delivery method, delivery costs and total amount of the order.

The Customer may return to his order, complete it, modify it or cancel it as long as he has not validated it. Once the Customer has clicked on the “Validate my basket” button, the order will be validated.

This validation is subject to prior knowledge and express and unreserved acceptance, via a checkbox, of these T & Cs and of the Personal Data Protection Policy by the Customer, and implies an obligation to pay.

Once the basket has been validated, the Customer will choose his delivery address and then his method of payment.

Once these three steps, validation of the basket, choice of delivery and choice of payment method made by the Customer, Dg Spare parts sends the Customer an order validation email within twenty-four (24) hours of from the recording of the Customer's order. If the Customer does not receive the order validation e-mail within the period indicated, Dg Spare parts invites them to contact Customer Service.

The sale is considered final from the registration of the order after receipt of the order validation email. At this stage, the order status appears as “Order confirmed” in the “My orders” section of the Customer's “My account” area.

It is specified that the collection by Dg Spare parts of the entire amount of the order will be made at the time of confirmation of the order; the confirmation of the order will be notified by e-mail to the Customer and via the status “Order confirmed” in the “My orders” section of the Customer's “My account” area.

In the event of an incident relating to the Customer's order, in particular a payment or supply incident, a problem related to the unavailability of the Products, an order anomaly, Dg Spare parts undertakes to inform the Customer thereof via the information communicated by the latter at the time of the last update carried out on his account.

2. Availability of products

The Products offered are those which appear on the Site, within the limit of available stocks Dg Spare parts and its suppliers.

The Customer acknowledges that the availability of the Products, provided by Dg Spare parts at the time of placing the order and upon receipt of the order confirmation email, is provided for informational purposes only. Despite a regular update of stocks, an availability gap may occur between the stock indicated on the Site at the time of validation of the order by the Customer and the stock actually available when recording the validation of the order by Dg Spare parts. In this context, indications on the availability of the Products are provided at the time of confirmation of the order.

In the event of a shortage of stock, Dg Spare parts will find out whether it has an equivalent Product meeting the same technical characteristics, of similar quality and price, and will offer a replacement Product to the Customer.

If there is a price difference between the Product ordered and the Product delivered, it will be treated as follows:

  • in the event that the value of the replacement Product is greater than the amount of the Product initially ordered by the Customer, the difference of amount between the amount of the Product ordered and the amount of the Product delivered will not be invoiced to the Customer. Dg Spare parts will bear the cost of the difference and will invoice the Customer for the amount of the price of the Product ordered.

  • in the event that the value of the replacement Product is less than the amount of the Product initially ordered by the Customer, the difference in amount between the amount of the Product ordered and the amount of the Product delivered will be adjusted in favor of the Customer. Dg Spare parts updates the price, downwards, at the time of confirmation of the order and the amount withdrawn from the Customer will be the price of the replacement Product.

The Customer may refuse the replacement Product by following the return terms provided for in article 8 of these GTC.

If no Product meeting the above criteria is found by DG spare parts, the Customer will be notified directly in his “My Account” Customer area in the “My orders” section by a mention “Canceled”, as well as by e -mail, as soon as possible. Dg Spare parts will then proceed with the partial or total cancellation of the order.

Dg Spare parts reserves the right to modify its catalog of Products available on the Site at any time. Each Product is presented on the Site in the form of a description showing its main technical characteristics.

3. Price

3.1      All prices are expressed in Euros, excluding taxes and excluding other rights, transport & handling costs, among other costs, which remain due by the customer. 

3.2    The customer is responsible for the indication of his own valid and correct VAT number and releases the seller from any liability, costs, problem or procedure resulting from the indication of a false or incorrect VAT number or the indication a VAT number that is not his. 

3.3    The prices are based on the economic conditions, taxes or duties applicable at the time the order is placed, as well as on the prices of the vendor's suppliers and subcontractors.

3.4.    They can be modified without notice, according to the variation of these elements, whatever the cause.

3.5    The seller reserves the right to withhold the shipment of goods until an order has been fully paid.

3.6.    Bank charges linked to an order are not included in the price and are due by the customer.

4. Delivery costs

4.1    Deliveries will be made according to the availability of the goods. Unless otherwise stated in writing, the delivery dates given by the seller are only indicative. The customer will not be able to use the delay in delivery as a justification for canceling the purchase, rejecting the goods or claiming compensation.


b.    If the customer, after formal notification, does not take delivery of the goods, the seller will have the right, without prejudice to any claim for damages, to perform the contract or to consider it automatically terminated, any advance on order being forfeited to the seller's profit.


vs.    If the deliveries are staggered, failure to comply with one of them, in whole or in part, will have no effect on the other deliveries.

For certain categories of Products or certain modes of transport, delivery costs may be reduced or offered (free delivery).

5. Payment termsPayment


Before selecting the payment method of his choice, the Customer must first:

  • add the Products he wishes to order in the basket;

  • modify, if necessary, his order (quantities, references, etc.);

  • check their delivery address or enter a new one, if applicable;

Once these steps have been completed, Dg spare parts offers the Customer four means of payment to choose from via a secure transaction:

  • By bank card with immediate or deferred payment (CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX);

  • By PayPal (through the PayPal system);

  • By bank transfer

6. Delivery

6.1 Terms of delivery

a.    Deliveries will be made depending on the availability of goods. Unless otherwise stated in writing, the delivery dates given by the seller are only indicative. The customer will not be able to use the delay in delivery as a justification for canceling the purchase, rejecting the goods or claiming compensation.

b.    If the customer, after formal notification, does not take delivery of the goods, the seller will have the right, without prejudice to any claim for damages, to perform the contract or to consider it automatically terminated, any advance on order being forfeited to the seller's profit.

vs.    If the deliveries are staggered, failure to comply with one of them, in whole or in part, will have no effect on the other deliveries.

6.2 Delivery anomalies

Dg Spare parts monitors the delivery times for packages delivered to carriers. However, if the Customer notices a delivery anomaly (delay, change of pick-up point, loss of tracking, etc.), the Customer is invited to contact Customer Service in order to find a solution as soon as possible.

Absence of the Customer

The Customer is required to provide all the information necessary for the proper execution of the delivery of the goods: last name, first name, delivery or pick-up and billing address if different from the delivery address, telephone number.

If the Customer is absent on the day of delivery, a calling card will be left by the carrier. The Customer can thus organize with the carrier the withdrawal of the Products ordered within the period indicated by the latter:

After these deadlines, the Products will be returned automatically to Dg Spare parts.

In the event of difficulties, the Customer must inform Dg Spare parts thereof within the same timeframe.


Dg Spare parts makes every effort to meet the delivery times of the Products linked to the order and according to the delivery method chosen by the Customer. In any event, the delivery times (preparation time and delivery time) may not exceed thirty (30) days from the validation of the order. After these deadlines, the Customer may proceed to the resolution of the sale by written request (e-mail, letter, online on "My account"), excluding a case of force majeure.

In the event of a significant delay in the preparation and sending of his order, Dg Spare parts invites the Customer to contact Customer Service in order to find a solution as soon as possible.

Parcel control - Damage

Depending on the carrier selected, the parcel is delivered to a collection point against signature, at home in person (with or without signature) or directly in the Customer's letterbox.

Whatever the method of delivery of the package, the Customer is required to check, at the point of collection or with the delivery person, the condition of the Product packaging as well as the contents of the package upon delivery. In the event of a problem, the Customer is invited to express their reservations in writing on the attendance sheet or any other medium presented for this purpose by the carrier. Once the reservations have been made, the Customer will have the carrier sign the sheet and keep a copy.

The Customer may, if necessary, refuse the package. Any refusal by the Customer must be made to the carrier within 3 working days of receipt of the Products.

If the Customer fails to notify their reservations within the time limit, the Customer is deemed to have accepted the Products without incident (s), damage (s) or anomaly (s). The Products delivered will thus be deemed to be free from any defect and no claim, due to damage, missing product, damaged package, parts broken upon receipt, can not be validly accepted by Dg Spare parts.

However, the Customer retains the benefit of the legal guarantee, compliance and hidden defects.

7. Return of products

  • Orders placed by the customer on the website are final and cannot be canceled.

  • The customer is therefore aware of the fact that he is bound by his purchase as soon as he has made the payment online.

  • Goods purchased on the website cannot therefore be returned by the buyer, unless the seller is required to take them back under the provisions of article 8 (right of withdrawal).

8. Right of withdrawal

Exercise of the right of withdrawal

The Customer has a statutory withdrawal period of fourteen (14) days from receipt of the Product ordered to exercise his right of withdrawal. If this period expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended until the next working day.

If he wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal, the Customer must notify Dg Spare parts, within this period of fourteen (14) days, of his decision to withdraw, by making an unambiguous statement setting out his decision to withdraw and by returning the Product (s) concerned.

The Customer notifies his decision to withdraw by submitting his request accompanied by the order number:

  • either directly on the Site,

  • or by e-mail,

  • or by post to the following address: Dg systeme - 506 route de draguignan- 83460 - Lorgues

The Customer does not need to justify reasons, nor to pay a penalty.

The Customer must return the Product (s) concerned that he / she has already received without undue delay and, in any event, no later than fourteen days following the communication of his decision to withdraw.

The Products must be returned in their original packaging and in perfect condition, accompanied by all accessories and instructions. Products returned incomplete, damaged or damaged cannot be taken back by Dg Spare parts.

Reimbursement of the Client in the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal

Subject to compliance by the Client with the above terms, Dg Spare parts undertakes to reimburse the Client for all costs incurred no later than fourteen (14) days from receipt of the request for withdrawal thereof. However, Dg Spare parts is not required to reimburse the additional costs if the Customer has expressly chosen a delivery method other than the less expensive standard delivery method offered by Dg Spare parts on the Site.

Dg Spare parts reserves the right to defer reimbursement until the recovery of the returned Products or until the Customer has provided proof of shipment, the date selected being the date on which the first of these two events occurs. .

The reimbursement will be made with the same means of payment as that used by the Customer during his initial order, unless the reimbursement by the initial means of payment proves impossible or, if the Customer and DG Spare parts agree on a means different.

9. Responsibilities and guarantees

9.1 Responsibility

Dg spare parts makes its best efforts to offer quality service to the Customer. The Client nevertheless acknowledges that Dg spare parts is only bound by an obligation of means.

The Customer is solely responsible for the choice and selection of the Products, their conservation and their use. Thus, it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the compatibility of the Products chosen with their equipment and to check the characteristics of their equipment before placing an order.

Given the technical nature of certain Products sold, the Customer must strictly comply with the manufacturer's technical prescriptions and safety recommendations, relating in particular to the storage, assembly and use of these Products.

The Customer is required to refer to the instructions for use and / or assembly supplied with the Product ordered.

The Customer acknowledges that the proper functioning of the Site is subject to the conditions of access to the Internet network and to its possible limits and restrictions (coverage, saturation, availability). The responsibility of Dg spare parts cannot therefore be engaged on this basis.

The photographs and illustrations accompanying the Products on the Site have no contractual value. 

Dg spare parts cannot be held responsible for:

  • any damage resulting from the installation or use of the Products by the Customer. by itself,

  • in the event of incorrect, incomplete or incorrectly provided contact details by the Customer (delivery addresses, financial transactions: payments according to the method chosen by the Customer, transmission of RIB-IBAN to DG spare parts for refunds, Product references entered by the Customer and identified by Dg spare parts on the Site, customer account usurpation),

  • any event resulting from a case of force majeure that would delay or prevent the performance of its obligations,

  • content of sites directly or indirectly linked to the Site and which are not under the control of Dg spare parts.

Unless there is a public or imperative provision, for all damages and losses that may appear to be a consequence of the total or partial non-performance or of a faulty performance of its contractual or extra-contractual obligations, Dg spare parts will only be liable to the extent only real damages and losses proven by the Customer which are the immediate consequence thereof without the total amount of damages to be paid by DG spare parts, all operative events combined, cannot exceed the amount of the invoice of la vente concernée.

Cette limite s'applique également à toutes les conséquences, en ce compris les restitutions par équivalent, qui s'opposeraient à Dg spare parts en cas de nullité ou de résolution de la vente.

Dg spare parts ne sera en aucun cas responsable des dommages indirects subis par le Client tels que, sans s'y limiter, les pertes de revenus, pertes de chiffre d'affaires, pertes de bénéfices, pertes d'économies escomptées, ou tout dommage, coût ou dépense indirect ou dérivé.

9.2 Garanties

a.    Les marchandises vendues par le vendeur sont garanties dans la mesure où les fournisseurs du vendeur offrent une garantie sur la marchandise qu'ils vendent et/ou produisent.

b.    Le client devra réviser la marchandise dès sa livraison. Les articles seront considérés acceptés par le client si le client n'a pas donné d'indications complètes et détaillées au transporteur sur le bon de livraison.

vs.    L'acceptation couvrira tous les défauts que le client pourrait découvrir ou aurait dû découvrir au moment de la livraison des marchandises (défauts externes et visibles) ou dans les 72 heures suivantes (défauts à l'intérieur de l'emballage) au cours d'une vérification approfondie, y compris les différences entre les marchandises vendues et celles livrées en terme de modèles.

d.    Le vendeur garantit que ses marchandises n'ont pas de vices cachés. Un vice caché signifiera des défauts significatifs que le client ne pouvait pas découvrir au moment de la livraison des marchandises, causés par du matériel défectueux ou une mauvaise fabrication. Seuls les défauts qui réduisent matériellement l'utilité de la marchandise pour son utilisation normale seront couverts par le présent article.

e.    Cette garantie est limitée aux vices cachés qui ont été notifiés au vendeur, de façon détaillée, par écrit et par lettre recommandée, dans les dix (10) jours suivant la découverte du vice caché et, en tout cas, au plus tard pendant le délai d'un (1) mois à compter de la date de livraison.

f.    Dans tous les cas, la responsabilité du vendeur dans le cadre de cette garantie sera limitée au remplacement des marchandises défectueuses. Les marchandises ne devront pas être renvoyées avant d'avoir reçu l'accord écrit du vendeur.

g.    Le vendeur n'établira aucune garantie, explicite ou implicite, en ce qui concerne les marchandises, en dehors de ce qui est stipulé dans cette clause. Le client n'aura pas le droit, dans d'autres circonstances différentes de celles stipulées dans cette clause, de renvoyer ou d'échanger les marchandises vendues. Toute responsabilité du vendeur pour dommage indirect concernant les marchandises, y compris pour la perte de bénéfices ou de contrats du client ou des dommages causés par les marchandises à d''autres biens ou à l'environnement est expressément exclue.

h.    La garantie limitée est annulé si :

             1.    le client ne présente pas l'AMR reçue du vendeur en réponse à la réclamation du client,

             2.    les marchandises ne sont pas renvoyées avec leurs étiquettes et leur emballage d'origine qui les protègent pendant les manipulations de transport normales,

             3.    les marchandises renvoyées pour être échangées ne sont pas accompagnées d'un justificatif d'achat indiquant la date d'achat et le prix payé,

             4.    la garantie a été transférée,

             5.    les marchandises ont été volontairement mal manipulées, maltraitées ou mal utilisées

i. Dans le cas où le retour des produits est acceptés, le vendeur se réserve le droit d'échanger le produit, soit d'octroyer un crédit d'achat de la valeur du produit retourné. En aucun cas, les produits achetés sur le site Web ne peuvent faire l'objet d'un remboursement. »

10. Force majeure

Dg Spare parts ne peut être tenue responsable envers le Client pour un retard ou une inexécution d'une de ses obligations lorsqu'il existe un cas de force majeure. Ces cas incluent, sans y être limité : les catastrophes naturelles, les actes gouvernementaux, la guerre, les attentats, les incendies, les inondations, les explosions, les coupures d'électricité, les troubles informatiques ou les troubles civils.

Dg Spare parts se réserve le droit de suspendre ou de résoudre la Vente, totalement ou partiellement, en cas de force majeure définie comme tout événement susceptible d'arrêter, de réduire, de retarder ou de rendre économiquement et significativement moins rentable la vente des Produits ou d'empêcher l'exécution normale de la vente.

Le Client ne pourra alors réclamer la moindre indemnité à Dg spare parts.

11. Données à caractère personnel

Dg Spare parts intervient en qualité de responsable de la collecte et du traitement de vos données personnelles. 

Dg Spare parts met en œuvre les mesures permettant de garantir la confidentialité, la sécurité et l'intégrité des données personnelles du Client, et s'engage à ce que ses prestataires à qui elle sous-traite des services garantissent le même niveau de sécurité que le sien.

Dg Spare parts invite expressément le Client à prendre connaissance de sa Politique de protection des Données Personnelles.

12. Propriété intellectuelle

Le Client reconnaît que l'ensemble des contenus figurant sur le Site incluant notamment: le nom de domaine, les marques, les textes, les graphiques, les photographies, les dessins, les sons, les données, les images, les audios et les vidéos, mais également l'arborescence Dg Spare parts, son plan de navigation, ses logos, la conception et l'organisation de ses rubriques, leurs titres, les bases de données, leurs structures et leurs contenus, existants ou à venir, sont protégés et sont la propriété exclusive Dg Spare parts.

En conséquence, sauf autorisation expresse et préalable Dg Spare parts, toutes reproductions, représentations et utilisations par le Client sont interdites. Tout manquement du Client à ces obligations constituerait une contrefaçon.

13. Droit applicable et règlement des litiges

Les CGV sont soumises au droit français.

Pour toute réclamation, le Client est invité à contacter notre Service Clients:

  • soit par téléphone au numéro 09 81 65 38 80 (numéro non surtaxé, prix d'une communication locale, du lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à 17h00 sauf jours fériés), en indiquant son numéro de commande.,

  • soit par e-mail à l'adresse suivante commande@dgspareparts.com via la page contact.

À défaut de règlement amiable, tout litige sera soumis aux tribunaux français.

Tout achat d'un Produit sur le Site implique une acceptation expresse et sans réserve par le Client des CGV et de la Politique de protection des données personnelles dont le Client reconnaît avoir pris connaissance, en cochant la case prévue à cet effet lors de la création de son compte et de la validation de sa commande.

Les CGV se substituent entièrement aux versions antérieures de conditions générales de vente, qui, par conséquent, ne s'appliquent plus.

Les CGV constituent l'intégralité de l'accord passé entre Dg spare parts et le Client. Si l'une des dispositions des CGV s'avère non valide ou non applicable, elle n'altère en rien les autres dispositions.

Aucune tolérance ou retard de Dg spare parts dans la mise en œuvre de ses droits ne pourra porter préjudice ou restreindre les droits de Dg spare parts, et aucune renonciation à ces droits et aucune renonciation à se prévaloir d'une violation contractuelle ne sera présumée constituer une renonciation à d'autres droits ou à se prévaloir d'une violation contractuelle ultérieure.

Dg spare parts se réserve la possibilité de modifier ses CGV, à tout moment, afin notamment de faire évoluer ses services ou de se conformer à toute nouvelle réglementation applicable. Les CGV applicables seront celles en vigueur à la date de la commande par le Client.

Il est donc conseillé au Client de consulter régulièrement les CGV sur le Site pour se tenir informé de toute nouvelle mise à jour.

14. Contrôle des exportations/importations 

Le client s'engage à respecter toutes les lois de contrôle des exportations / importations. Le client s'engage à ne pas exporter/importer de marchandise d'un pays/à un pays en violation d'une loi de contrôle des exportations/importations sans avoir obtenu au préalable toutes les licences ou autorisations nécessaires. Le client garantit qu'il n'est pas placé sous le contrôle de, national ou résident d''un pays dans lequel les exportations/importations des marchandises sont interdites par les lois de contrôle des exportations/importations.