A laminator is a large-format laminating machine for large documents, posters, color prints or fabrics. There are many types to choose from on this page. Our laminators are used and reconditioned, as are our cutting plotters.

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Easymount 1600 laminator

Revised and reconditioned - 3-month warranty - Excellent condition (like new) The Easymount 1600 Laminator stands out for its ability to provide high-quality finishes and remarkable versatility for laminating and mounting, without the need for...

€3,590.00 VAT excluded

EM-1580 SH laminator

The EM-1580 SH laminator is a top-of-the-range piece of laminating equipment designed to provide professional finishes to your large-format prints. Thanks to its robust design and advanced features, it ensures even and accurate application of...

€2,500.00 VAT excluded


3 months warranty Working area 170 x 336 cm - Laminating area 170 x 306 cm The Rollover® lamination table saves you time and money. This multifunctional device not only laminates prints onto rigid or semi-rigid sheets, but also laminates these...

€7,000.00 VAT excluded

Neschen Cold Lam 1600-N

Discover the Neschen Cold Lam 1600-N, a top-quality laminator ideal for professional finishing of your large-format prints. Featuring cold lamination technology, this machine guarantees precise, uniform application of protective films, while...

€3,000.00 VAT excluded

Laminator Kala Baltic 1400 (+ new roll)

Discover the Kala Baltic 1400 laminator, a high-performance large-format laminating machine. It guarantees fast, uniform lamination. Its rapid heating system and adjustable pressure make it an ideal choice for professional laminations. Easy to use...

€3,290.00 VAT excluded