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C6095-60265 - Encoder Strip 60"

C6095-60265 - Encoder Strip 60" This strip runs the length of the plotter and is watched by an optical sensor on the carriage to determine direction and speed of the carriage. This is a new OEM part.

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WIPER BELTS (SIIT) Pr CP-100s - U00101674100

This set of 2 original wiper belts is suitable for Seiko Colorpainter 64S / 100S printers. The Seiko part number is replacement number U00101674100 / Q6665-60067 is U00036663600). Circumference of 24.4 cm and width of 1.5 cm.

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CH971-91513 - Fan assembly, intake (1pc)

CH971-91513 (was 0901513) - FRM,FAN,EBOX,COOLING,N This fan assembly cools the electronics box in the printer. The electronics box has three of these (fans) in it. Two are exhaust and one is intake. MD4028E24B 109P0424J3143

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