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Professional Remote Assistance Service

Our remote assistance service is designed to give you fast, efficient technical support, wherever you are (maximum 1 hour). Features : Technical Expertise: Our qualified and experienced technicians are ready to solve a variety of problems....

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Roland VS-540 - New printhead

Roland VS-540 - New printhead Revised plotter with new head, 3-month warranty Discover the Roland VS-540 Plotter, a multipurpose large format tool designed to meet your professional printing needs. At DG Systeme, we're proud to offer high-quality...

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Roland SP-540i

The Roland SP-540i epitomizes excellence in large format printing, while aligning its performance with our commitment to a sustainable future. This versatile printer, renowned in the industry, combines precision and reliability to meet the most...

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Roland RF-640

The Roland RF-640 stands as a pinnacle of large format printing technology, combining cutting-edge capabilities with our dedication to a sustainable future. Renowned for its reliability and precision, this printer meets the most rigorous demands...

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Roland VS-540i

3 months warranty The Roland VS-540i is a versatile, high-performance solution for your printing and cutting needs. With a printing width of 1371 mm, it offers exceptional image quality thanks to its advanced inkjet printing technology. Whether...

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3 months warranty The Graphtec FC-8000-160 is a cutting plotter renowned for its outstanding performance and unrivalled reliability. Featuring a robust design and cutting-edge technologies, this printer delivers outstanding print quality and...

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Mimaki JV300-160

6 month warranty. Includes two new heads, captop wiper RIP Raster Link 6, and six large inkings for SS21. Delivery, installation and training included. Reference: GI-001

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Graphtec FC8000-130

The Graphtec FC 8000 - 130 is a professional vinyl cutter, renowned for its precision and reliability. Designed to meet the needs of the graphics and signage industries, it offers a maximum cutting width of 130 cm, enabling it to handle large...

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Arizona 460 GT Sans roll

The Oce Arizona 460 GT UV printing table comes equipped with brand new print heads, ensuring optimal print quality and reliable performance. Designed to meet the needs of professionals in the large format printing industry, this table offers a...

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Roland LEC-540

The ROLAND LEC-540 TEC + BOFFA is a large format printer combining performance and respect for the environment thanks to its cutting-edge filtration system. Perfect for businesses keen to reduce waste while maintaining exceptional print quality....

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The VersaSTUDIO BN-20 combines everything in one powerful, cost-effective device. With its award-winning eco-solvent inks, including metallic and white options, compatibility with a wide range of materials and integrated contour cutting, the BN-20...

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Roland LEC2-330

1-year Roland Care Original warranty included Tray format: 820 x 2085 mm Printing area: 736 x 1500 mm Printing up to 230mm thick Weight supported by the plate: 100 kg 1 DX7 1440 dpi print head 6 colors available: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black,...

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Roland VG-640

Discover the Roland VG 640 in our showroom, accompanied by the TAKE UP system and a 6-month warranty. With its TrueVIS TR2 inks, this printer delivers vibrant colors. Choose between 2x4 color or standard configuration for quality printing. Perfect...

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Roland RF-640

The RF-640 8-color printer offers advanced printing capability thanks to its extended ink configuration, making it an ideal choice for professionals looking for exceptional print quality and accurate color reproduction.

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Roland VS-420

New head The VersaCAMM VS-420 printer/cutter can be equipped with up to eight colors, including white and silver metallic. By combining metallic ink with CMYK colors, you get over 500 metallic colors. These colors give your prints a luxurious,...

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Discover the SP-300I, a carefully revised large format printer equipped with two new heads, guaranteeing optimal performance. With its extensive overhaul, this printer is ready to meet all your printing needs with reliability and quality. Enjoy a...

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The Roland TrueVIS SG3-300 offers a supportable width of 76.2 cm and a printable width of 73.6 cm, with a printing resolution of up to 1200 dpi. It offers a printing speed of up to 6.8 m²/h and cutting speeds of 10 to 300 mm/s. Using TrueVIS TR2...

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the VS 300 i eco-solvent printer is the ideal solution for printing and cutting large runs of stickers with minimum handling. Professional from every angle. With VersaCamm VSi, the way you print will change radically, for the better. Printing and...

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Superb quality plus bright, vivid colors The RT-640 model, combined with Roland's new Texart inks, gives you bright, vivid colors, deep blacks, subtle gradations and remarkably fine detail. In addition to orange and violet, Texart ink is available...

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Neschen Cold Lam 1600-N

Discover the Neschen Cold Lam 1600-N, a top-quality laminator ideal for professional finishing of your large-format prints. Featuring cold lamination technology, this machine guarantees precise, uniform application of protective films, while...

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Arizona 2260 GT + RMO

3-month warranty The Arizona 2260 GT + RMO is a state-of-the-art solution for large-format printing, offering exceptional quality and versatility. With its high printing speed and ability to handle a variety of materials, it meets the needs of the...

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Mimaki JV300-130

Mimaki JV300-130 + New heads Next-generation printer, high productivity and outstanding results. Mimaki's latest JV300-130 series now sets an unrivalled standard in large-format printing. With its exceptional versatility, thanks to a wide range of...

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Zund PN 3XL-3000

Revised and reconditioned - 3-month warranty Discover the Zund PN 3XL 3000, a state-of-the-art large-format cutting table designed to meet the most demanding requirements. With its exceptional precision and remarkable versatility, the Zund PN 3XL...

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Mimaki CJV150-75

Mimaki CJV150-75 + new head Discover the Mimaki CJV150-75, a compact, high-performance wide-format printer. With its outstanding print quality, the CJV150-75 delivers stunning results for a variety of applications. This versatile printer is ideal...

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Roland VG-540 plotter

Refurbished and revised plotter - 3 months warranty. The Roland VG-540 plotter, a pillar of innovation in printing and cutting, is equipped to meet the most demanding requirements of print professionals. This advanced model boasts a 54-inch print...

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Easymount 1600 laminator

Revised and reconditioned - 3-month warranty - Excellent condition (like new) The Easymount 1600 Laminator stands out for its ability to provide high-quality finishes and remarkable versatility for laminating and mounting, without the need for...

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Fuji Acuity select 15 + RMO

The Fuji Acuity Select 15 + RMO is a large-format printer that combines performance and durability. Featuring four colours without white, it offers exceptional print quality for a variety of graphic applications. Thanks to its roll capacity, it...

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Arizona 318 GL

Discover the versatility and exceptional print quality of the Arizona 318 GL + with white option. This large-format printer is designed to meet the most demanding graphic printing needs, offering reliable performance and outstanding results....

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The EFI H1625 LED is a refurbished large format printer in our product range. This printer is equipped with LED technology, which enables it to offer exceptional print quality while being energy-efficient. Thanks to its robust design and advanced...

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EM-1580 SH laminator

The EM-1580 SH laminator is a top-of-the-range piece of laminating equipment designed to provide professional finishes to your large-format prints. Thanks to its robust design and advanced features, it ensures even and accurate application of...

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Roland GR-640

3-month warranty; Machines revised and reconditioned. The Roland RF-640 is a versatile large format printer that offers an impressive combination of speed, quality and reliability. Capable of printing at speeds of up to 48.5 m²/hr, it is designed...

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