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Laminator Kala mistral M1650

The Kala Mistral M1650 Laminator (with new rollers) is a piece of equipment used in large-format printing and laminating. Its main role is to apply a layer of protective film to printed media, such as posters, banners, self-adhesive vinyls, etc....

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Laminator Kala Baltic 1400 (+ new roll)

Discover the Kala Baltic 1400 laminator, a high-performance large-format laminating machine. It guarantees fast, uniform lamination. Its rapid heating system and adjustable pressure make it an ideal choice for professional laminations. Easy to use...

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Laminator Kala Starter 1080 HR

The Kala Starter 1080 HR laminator is the perfect complement to the Mimaki CJV30-100 printer, allowing you to laminate your prints with ease and professionalism. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, it guarantees a smooth, durable finish for...

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Automatic XY cutters KALAXY 1650

Automatic XY cutters KALAXY 1650 Ideal for increasing efficiency by saving labour time on repetitive jobs, and perfectly suited to cutting materials on rolls, such as photo paper, blue-back paper, vinyl, laminated media, encapsulated by hot-melt...

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